Change the Brain through Sound & Movement

The Focus System is a multi-sensory auditory intervention using specially-treated music and movement to support brain integration and skill-building with individuals who struggle with sensory-motor and neuro-developmental challenges. This program is well researched and according to Integrated Listening Services (Stephen Porges) helps with the following:

  • Better academic outcomes including improvement in reading comprehension
  • An increased ability to control impulses and self-regulate behavior
  • Appropriate social engagement with others
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • A happier disposition

Group at Family Attachment & Counseling Center

At Family Attachment and Counseling Center, our goal is to provide interventions to help clients better regulate and master their environments.  We are very excited to offer this program in our clinic for both in-clinic and home use.  For maximum change, an individual should complete 4 hours a week of listening combined with various exercises.  People registering for the program have the following options:

  • Focus Program at Home
  • Focus Program in our clinic on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30 starting on September 13th, and Thursdays from 4-5 p.m. on September 21, October 5 & 19, November 16 & 30, and December 14.
  • Combination of Home and Clinic Program—you can tell us which group sessions you plan to attend at the clinic and do the remaining hours of your program at home.
  • Our in-clinic Focus Group will include specified exercises, coping and regulation skills, games, manipulatives, and crafts.


  • We can bill your insurance for the Focus Group Sessions & assessment/coaching
  • $50 to access the app to begin this program listening on your personal device
  • $299 to get the Starter Pack:
  1. Hardware Kit with Bone/Air Conduction Headphones & Amp with convenient waist pack for ease of movement.
  2. Integration Kit including a balance board, bean bags, racquetball, hanging tennis ball, and headband.
  3. Resources, Assessments and the Focus Activity Library with Instructional Videos

To register or for more information contact:

Melissa Nichols, MA, LMFT at 952-475-2818, ext. 1010 or