Dude, that’s rude! Get some manners!

This 7-week session is devoted to helping group participants (ages 6-15) learn good manners and proper behavior that will aid them in building and maintaining friendships. We will work on proper communication both in person and over text, how to host and guest, table etiquette, giving and gifting, and more! STARTS SEPTEMBER 15, 2022.

Late, Lost & Undone: Skills Help for ADHD and Executive Function for Children ages 11-14

The objective of this group is to teach skills to better manage issues with focus, attention, organization, and impulsivity in a supportive learning environment. Note: ADHD diagnosis is NOT required. STARTS SEPTEMBER 8, 2022.

Tutoring and Study Groups

Private tutoring (ONGOING), study skills group class (STARTS SEPTEMBER 17, 2022), and writing skills group class (STARTS SEPTEMBER 17, 2022) taught by a licensed teacher!