Today’s life is filled with incredible struggles. How does one find contentment, peace, and even joy amidst uncertainty, loss, and isolation?  This group focuses on learning skills to embrace contentment through the implementation of connection, acceptance, balance, and forgiveness.

Therapeutic tools of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy—learning behavioral skills of mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional regulation will be used in addition to others.  Prayer is a key component to this group.  We strive to make prayer a practice in honesty and keep our eyes focused on the Healing Power—a God of love.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) was developed by Marsha Linehan almost three decades ago. This DBT group incorporates Christian material and teaches specific skills over the course of six months. The skills are divided into units including Distress Tolerance, Emotional Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Core Mindfulness in addition to the introduction chapter. These skills have proven helpful for anyone who has difficulties with emotions and/or relationships. The class meets on Mondays from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. New members are accepted at the beginning of each study unit. An intake for group is required prior to beginning a session. Please contact Melissa Nichols, MA, LMFT at Family Attachment Counseling Center ( or tel. 952-475-2818 ext. 1010) with questions or to schedule an intake for the group.